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United Nations Virtual is a flightsimmer community and don't have connection with real U.N. Organization. This website is created to pay a tribute to all men and women that work with fervor as humanitarian volunteers with U.N.O., UNICEF, Red Cross and Red Crescent and also other humanitarian organizations. As a virtual pilot you can fly from everywhere to every destination where people need help. Hour main hub is "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" Airport in New York (USA), head office of United Nations Organization. Other hubs are Brindisi (Italy), Accra (Ghana), Dubai (UAE), Subang (Malaysya), Panama City (Panama). Online flights on IVAO or Vatsim networks are preferred, so also offline flight are allowed. No war flight are allowed, we only replicate humanitarian and peace missions.


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Ukupno sati: 9962:33
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NadimakPilotOdlazakDolazakDatumVreme leta
UNO003Sid Manfred  LPMA  LPPT 15-11-2019 01:12
UNO003Sid Manfred  LPPT  LPMA 15-11-2019 01:13
UNO003Sid Manfred  LIMC  LICJ 14-11-2019 01:15
UNO003Sid Manfred  LOWW  LIMC 13-11-2019 01:01
UNO003Sid Manfred  EPWA  LOWW 13-11-2019 00:57


PilotPriključio se
UNO337-Baptiste Le Roquais16-05-2019
UNO333-Luigi Bittesini03-04-2019
UNO007-Tom Bird03-04-2019
UNO003-Sid Manfred03-04-2019
UNO315-Daniele Caporrella14-02-2015





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